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There are 2 possibilities to register your company in our exhibition

  1. Detailed presentation and good facing of the company. This registration can be done by an annual contribution.
  2. Short presentation of the company (company name, city and telephone number). This registration is free.

In all cases, you'll be referenced by our search engine according to your activity sector and countries.

Presentation of both registration possibilities :

Free presentation : The company is referenced in the list of all the companies of this sector and country.

Paying presentation : The company is better referenced in the list. A clic on the company's logo or name allows the visualisation of your company's presentation!

Make your choice :

           - If you choose the complete presentation Clic here 
           - If you just want to figure in the exhibitor's list Clic here

Your datas will only be published when cheched by our team. And about the paying registration, the company's presentation will be enabled as soon as the payement will be done.
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